Our Services

Our services are focused foremost on managing, designing, developing and implementing software and hardware solutions for the Data Warehousing, Data Integration, Business Intelligence and Business Analytics domains.   Companies seek the leadership we can provide and are genuinely surprised at how confidently we welcome and overcome any challenge. Typically for our clients, our consultants fill the key pivotal positions for the project such as Project or Program Manager, Application Architect, Lead Analyst, Lead Developer, Testing Coordinator and Data Architect. The consultants for Elite Solutions possess the proven abilities and the versatility to do whatever is required to deliver the project successfully. Our services are organized into a number of practice areas.

    Project & Program Management

    Infrastructure Implementation Management – Technical management services of physical infrastructure deliverables including facilities build-out, cabling/connectivity, installation and configuration of server, storage/SAN and network components. Coordinate the activities of facilities personnel, external vendors and engineering staff, provide quality assurance for the solution and manage the timeline and cost aspects of the project.

    Application Development Management - Management of the entire life-cycle of the application development process including the phases for requirements gathering, analysis, design, development, testing and deployment. Effectively track the activities of internal and external staff members, vendors and business groups. Employ appropriate methodologies such as traditional waterfall or hybrid agile.

    Functional Test Management – Management of the process to develop a cohesive and comprehensive test strategy across a number of application teams, vendors and business groups for a project.

    Opportunity Evaluation – Leadership of the efforts to identify and develop the business case for a project, and effectively measure the cost and benefit factors to fully evaluate the opportunity and complete a thorough feasibility study. Assist your organizations to produce project proposals, financial projections and other necessary deliverables to prepare the potential project for the approval process.

    Strategic Planning – Management and leadership for the process to organize complex projects into manageable releases, each with clear objectives, deliverables and timelines.

    Architecture & Strategy

    Business & Technology Assessment – Help your organization understand your key business initiatives, evaluate your capabilities to deliver on those objectives, identify a solution strategy to support those initiates, and develop an implementation approach to deliver that strategy.

    Infrastructure Design – Collaborate efforts with facilities and engineering staff to design the specifications of components, schematic for cabling and connectivity, configuration of switches/components and implementation of security and data transport frameworks.

    Data Architecture - Assessment of data requirements for a solution and development of effective operational, dimensional or analytical data models to support those requirements.

    ETL Framework Architecture - Design of an ETL framework that effectively captures and transforms information for a data warehouse and is designd to be highly scalable. Leverage an already approved tool set for a client or assist the client with the evaluation and identification of the most appropriate tool set.

    Analytics Infrastructure – Design and configuration of the application infrastructure to support analytic functions for business groups. Utilize an already approved tool set for a client or assist the client with the evaluation and identification of the most appropriate tool set.

    Business Intelligence Framework – Leadership of efforts to design a business intelligence framework that supports reporting, analysis and advanced analytics.

    Solution Proof-of-concept – Assessment and evaluation of product sets for a solution and leadership of efforts to design, develop, execute and document proof-of-concepts.

    Analysis, Design and Development

    Requirements Gathering - Analysis services to identify and gather requirements with business groups and liaise with application groups to ensure clarity and comprehensiveness of requirements.

    ETL Application Design and Development – Design and development services for the ETL program components of a data warehouse application, utlizing industry leading products including DataStage, Informatica, Microsoft SSIS, and Ab Initio.

    Business Intelligence Reporting Design and Development – Design and development services for the metadata layer and reporting framework for the solution leveraging industry leading technologies including SAP Business Objects, Cognos, and Microsoft SSRS/SSAS and emerging technologies including Qlikview and Tableau.

    Physical Database Implementation and Management – Physical data modeling, database infrastructure design and implementation services and database administration services.

    Testing and Deployment

    Integration Test Planning and Execution – Leadership of efforts to create and execute an integrated test plan across applications and vendors.

    User Acceptance Test Planning and Execution – Collaborative development and execution of a plan with business groups to obtain user acceptance of a solution.

    Deployment Strategies and Application Packaging – Services to inventory components, develop a deployment plan and develop deployment packages of application components.

    Performance Monitoring – Services to measure and monitor the performance and feasibility of the physical infrastructure and application frameworks. Develop strategies to address concerns and issues.


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